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Since I love graphic novels, comics and comic art, you can image my delight at coming across this site! I know less about webcomics and webzines, since I like the feeling of holding paper in my hand.

Finding this site and artist inspired me to eventually add a new catalog in “The Bookshelf.” Yu & Me will be the first entry.

The Story: “Fiona Thompson doesn’t like the way her life is going, so she’s developed the perfect way to deal with it: by not paying any attention to anything around her, instead living in her own head in vivid, lucid dreams.”

“Her fellow classmates at West Catholic High School use her as the perfect scapegoat. She’s been in trouble with Sister Mary so many times, she doesn’t believe a word Fiona says anymore. And when she gets home from detention cleaning the bathrooms every night, she has her stepmother’s wrath to face.”

“But real life begins to get more interesting when a new girl moves in next door. Suddenly, Fiona has a friend, someone to make the horrors of high school more tolerable. Life is made even better when she saves a somewhat crazy boy with green hair from a bunch of bullies who attack him for being gay. Fiona is drawn to him, intrigued by this thing know as homosexuality. She begins to look at Lia in a whole new light. But what will Lia think of it?”

The Artist: Megan Rose Gedris. 21, graphic artist, lives in Michigan.

Where she got the idea for the story: “It started off based a lot on my experiences. No, I didn’t go to an ultra-conservative Catholic school (I actually went to an ultra-liberal school where everyone wanted to be gay). But like I said, it’s based off things that happened to me and some of my friends in high school. I did fall in love with my best friend in high school, and I did have a lot of secret relationships, and I do have a godfather who I haven’t seen since I was an infant. But then a lot of this is completely made up. The characters take on lives of their own and many characters, such as James, were completely unplanned for and were meant to be background characters who ended up being a lot more interesting than I intended.”


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