A Secret Gay Life Revealed

Posted by Censor Librorum on Dec 30, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

This story sounds like a gay modern day morality play…

Former hedge fund manager and CNBC commentator Seth Tobias died after allegedly drowning in the pool at his Jupiter, Florida home. His nude body was discovered by his wife, Filomena. Soon after his widow had the pool totally cleaned and resurfaced. They had been married or only a year or two at the time of his death.

Tobias’ wife has been accused of his murder, and now the New York Times (12/4/07)is revealing more. Evidently Seth Tobias led a secret gay life.

The Times is reporting that Tobias was known to frequent a gay bar called Cupids in West Palm Beach. That’s where, according to the Times, he met a go-go dancer named Tiger who “is blond and covered with tattoos that look like stripes.” He also appeared in a movie, “Dreams Cum True.”

His secret life was evidently filled with drugs and gay sex.

Now the big question is…did his wife found about his secret life and kill him or did he piss off the wrong gay guy or drug dealer?

Tobias’ brothers claim Mrs. Tobias drugged her husband and lured him into the pool. Bill Ash, a former assistant to Mr. Tobias, said he had told the police that Mrs. Tobias confessed to him that she had cajoled her husband into the water while he was on a cocaine binge with a promise of sex with a male go-go dancer known as Tiger.

On December 23 PageSix.com quoted Lexx Parker, 24, who claimed Tobias paid him for sex numerous times over an 18 month period. The porn star from Memphis, Tenn., said he met Tobias 3½ years ago at Micky’s, a gay bar in West Hollywood. “Seth knew I was a hustler and knew how much I charged…I did what I got paid to do…I was very well taken care of,” Parker said.

He told PageSix.com Tobias enjoyed watching gay porn while they had sex, particularly films starring Parker. “Seth was a really good guy, a great guy. I had a lot of fun.”

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