Lapsed – Anne and Stephanie are friends, former coworkers, theatre artists and educators. They were also both raised Catholic. Join them as they compare notes on their respective Catholic upbringings.

Sacred Hearts – In an all-girls Catholic high school, a queer 12-grade student outs herself to take her girlfriend to the Christmas dance and faces backlash. Finding support in surprises places, can she reconcile her newly revealed truth with her faith, family and friends?

The Recovering Catholic – Singer-songwriter, Katie Pruitt, explores “the intersection of homosexuality and religion.”

Jesuitical – Being Gay and Catholic. Ep. 107. Pat Gothman is committed to creating welcoming spaces for L.G.B.T. Catholics. Pat, who is gay and Catholic, is a writer and editor of Reaching Out, an online publication that highlights the stories of L.G.B.T. people of faith. Pat co-launched Vine & Fig, an online community where the lives and experiences of queer Catholics are “affirmed as true, holy, and beautiful.” Vine & Fig provides community members with books, videos and other resources and gives them a digital space—via Slack—where “queer Catholics can safely get to know one another and grow together.”

De Pueblo, Catolico y Gay

Queer I Am Lord –  Conversations with queer faithful about their spiritual journeys.

Queerology – Matthias Roberts brings theologians, psychologists, poets and thinkers together for conversations around belief and being.

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