Intimacy with God?

Posted by Christine Nusse on Mar 10, 2006 | Categories: Seasons of the Spirit

It sounds a bit pretentious when you think about it. The difference between us should forbid any sort of relationship, except one of complete surrender and unreserved adoration. Love relationships require a certain degree of equality, don’t they? They need mutuality. At least a trace of it. We all know that in order to work a relationship cannot be completely unbalanced, with one party having all the power and the other being completely dependent. Look for instance at parenting. Parents have complete control of the infant and until a certain extent of the young child. But there is very little mutuality in the early stages. The infant gives back but not much! As the child grows and his/her power (at least the power to say no) develops, the relationship grows. It increases at the same pace than the balance of power evens out.
Having all the power and all the control in one of the partner does not make for a great loving relationship, more like slavery, wouldn’t you say?
So what kind of relationship can I have with God? Maybe I should ask the question a different way: Does it make a difference to God? What a thunderous question!

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