Natural Love

Posted by Censor Librorum on Sep 5, 2006 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

“This Can’t Be Love,” the main article in today’s Science Times/New York Times, is a keeper to reread the next time I’m treated to a “natural law” sermon on the glories of male and female becoming one for the purpose of procreation. When that happens, I’ll drag out the photo of Ms. Praying Mantis with her take on what to do in the afterglow–bite off his head and eat it. The Times article shows two mantises in courtship, then coitus, then the female eating the male like corn on the cob.

Praying mantis males try to stay on top of the female after they’re finished. They understand the second they hop off they’re food. Female mantises may in fact manufacture pheromones not for the purpose of mating, but simply to lure males to eat. Mantises seem to illustrate the worst example of male and female sex “natural love”–a screw to one; a meal ticket for the other.

I checked, and THANK GOD, there are no recorded instances of female homosexuality in praying mantises.

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2 Responses to “Natural Love”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Hi Karen-
    I always enjoy reading about praying mantis’. Such amusing habits. Bonobos are much better.
    BTW, I used to read this website at work between clients and paperwork, but the state put in filters, and now apparently, this site is marked as adult content. I don’t use my computer as much at home due to time and my dx. Can you change this descriptor so that those of us that read from work, with filter, can?
    Thanks, ,Jordan

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jordan, I checked with our web master. She doesn’t know who or how our site got this rating, but she suspects it is happening because the keywords include lesbian, gay, homosexuals, sexuality, etc. Your company may flag those words as Adult Content. Sorry, but I guess you will just have to enjoy us from home…
    Take care, K.

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