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For a long time, I have been mulling over getting a new kayak. Lori bought me one yesrterday at Preston’s. It is a mango-color Heritage Classic.
After this fall, I’m going to semi-retire my beloved Blue Duck kayak, and start using the new one full time.

The new Heritage is smaller (9′ vs. 14′) and lighter (36 lb. vs. 60 lb.). I can throw it up on the car rack, and either drive down my street and launch into Peconic Bay, or go off the town beach on Long Island Sound. I will still paddle in Hallock’s Bay, but starting next year it will be through the public launch, or the little beach further up from the marina. Klipp Park and Goldsmith’s Inlet are two other places I want to try.

Lyme disease has left me less sturdy and easily fatigued. Using a smaller, lighter kayak, I hope to kayak more in the future. Lugging the Blue Duck back and forth from the wooden rack at the marina sometimes seemed an insurmountable effort.

As a nod to my Norse heritage and love of the sea, I have named my new kayak, “Arvak,” meaning “early riser” or “dawn waker,” which also describes me, too, and when I most love to kayak and be out on the water–the time of early morning, just after dawn. In Norse mythology, Sol was the goddess of the sun. Arvak was one of the horses that pulled Sol’s chariot across the sky. In Norse belief, the sun gave heat but not light. The light emanated from the manes of Arvak and Alsvid.

The light from my sea horse, Arvak, will be a beautiful way to start my morning.

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