Shimmering Dam Pond

Posted by Censor Librorum on Oct 22, 2006 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

Last year we met James Napoleon, a painter from Kent, Connecticut, who did a one man show at Poquatuck Hall in Orient. There was a painting of the field and bay in back of Latham’s Farm Stand we liked a lot, but by the time we thought about it some more and made up our mind to buy it–it was sold. We regretted our hesitancy, until we received “Shimmering Dam Pond,” a painting we purchased from him last week.

It captures the sky out here perfectly on a September day–when it’s whirling and chaotic and the power of the sky and wind makes being there slightly scary. I can feel myself standing on the Orient causeway when I gaze on it. It gives me the feeling that if I continue to look for too long I might get sucked into the scene itself. Do I want to go–I might–it would certainly bring me face to face with God.

In James’ words: “I see Dam Pond and its immediate environs–the causeway, marshlands, sandbar and Long Island Sound in East Marion, NY–as an elemental phenomenon, a ‘god’ in the manner of the mysterious boulder ‘Ungit’ of CS Lewis’ “Till We Have Faces”. As you come upon it, whether from the east or west, Dam Pond opens up before you, dazzles you, tapers away, and is just as suddenly gone.”

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