Behold, the days are coming..

Posted by Christine Nusse on Dec 3, 2006 | Categories: Seasons of the Spirit

First Sunday of Advent.
Don’t you find it difficult this back and forth between the “already” and the “not yet” in the Gospels, and also in the Liturgy?
The Kingdom of God is “already” among us, but hold on, it is “not yet” accomplished! So which one is it?
Advent is on of those teasing seasons when I feel I am supposed to rejoice at the upcoming of Christ, but yet, nothing really changes after Christmas. Christ is already born. 2000 years ago in fact! So what is really new this Xmas of 2006? Apart from a retailer’s bliss, what am I really supposed to look forward to, and thus ‘prepare’ during this particular Advent season? Christ is “already” born, but expecting his birth now is still what the liturgy is asking us to do as if it has “not yet” happened.

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