Posted by Censor Librorum on Jan 3, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

A few days ago I was going through some old “spirituality” items in a drawer, and came upon my Motherpeace Tarot cards (remember those!) created by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel. They gave me hours of pleasure when I worked with them. I even sent a set to my mother!

Holding them again inspired me to do an internet search for lesbian-themed tarot. Starting to type in Yahoo, I suddenly remembered another card set I had heard about, called SoulCollage. The idea of making your own set of cards was intriguing. SoulCollage is purely personal expression for art, therapy, or as a contribution to a group spiritual exercise. Anam Cara (Soul Friend) in Southhold had scheduled several SoulCollage workshops, but our schedules never meshed. Too bad – I probably could have connected with some interesting women, too.

I used my tarot cards–and now my runes–to ask questions about relationships and my life events. SoulCollage appears to offer a process by which all the fragmented parts of an individual can be brought together in one picture. I think of SoulCollage the way ancient peoples created cave drawings – art created in the deep, dark caverns of our psyche, with drawings meant to have an almost magical effect.

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