Bring the Popcorn!

Posted by Censor Librorum on Jan 13, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

The “mature woman” genre is one of the fastest growing areas of video pornography, and next month it will be awarded its own category at the AVN Awards, the Oscars of sex films.

The stars of these films are women in their 40s and 50s with good bodies and a lot of sexual confidence. They look like what they are–attractive, mature women whose eyelids, cheeks and breasts have succumbed to gravity.

“The market for beautiful, airbrushed young women is oversaturated,” said one director, “This is more normal people, more meat on the bone,like what you have at home.” “It’s totally an erotic thing people are attracted to,” said another, “There’s a huge market out there for older women.”

Most of the avid consumers of mature woman pornography, producers say, are men in their 20s fulfilling fantasies of teacher lust or yearning for their friend’s mom. But theres’s also a market of mature women lusting for one another.

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One Response to “Bring the Popcorn!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I happen to like my women mature… course I’m more of a hands on kinda gal.

    I get the impression this is not a ‘new’ genre in porn… boys have been lusting after their teachers for as long as there have been teachers. Is interesting though that its getting any attention at all seeing as how normally hollywood is obsessed with ‘youth, and yadda’

    Yeah, to getting older

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