Comfort Food

Posted by Censor Librorum on Mar 18, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

After a particularly stressful week–getting a new roof on the house; the frustrations of winter airline travel; worries associated with elderly parents–Lori and I decided we needed some comfort food. And that meant heading down to the Jade King on Willis Avenue to get some of the Chinese food we grew up with: fried rice, chicken chow mein, sweet ‘n sour soup, egg rolls and the wonderful hot mustard/duck sauce dipping bowls. It’s the kind of food that usually tastes better in your memory; but the Jade King didn’t disappoint. We had steamed dumplings, egg rolls and General Tso’s Chicken (white meat $1 extra-no problem.) They don’t bother giving you chopsticks–which is a relief. You don’t have to go through the pretence of trying to pretend you know how to use them. And, if you really want to dig in a fork is a must.

Everything was piping hot and deliciously greasy. Even the tea was good. During lunch we watched several employees that were sitting in the dining room making dumplings and fortune cookies from scratch. We could also watch a dozen large goldfish bob and weave around a tank near the bar. Unlike some Chinese restaurants in Sunset Park in Brooklyn where “dinner” would swim around until the cook yanked one out these guys were probably safe.

The check came with our fortune cookies. Is there anyone who doesn’t open their fortune cookie? Mine included how to say “Chicken” in Chinese and the lucky numbers: 5, 8, 10, 16, 24, 30. I looked for some significance but didn’t see anything. No Da Vinci Code clue at the Jade King.

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8 Responses to “Comfort Food”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who sees Chinese food as ‘comfort’. It used to be something the women in the family ate while shopping (all day)… a part of me misses that bonding time. But then again, I shop “like a man”.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    E – I’m with you. I hate clothes shopping. My mother and sister bonded and can shop, shop, shop all day. On the other hand, after one store–I was done. My mother had to bribe me with a book or sports equipment to even get that far! Karen

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love Chinese food – but this past weekend I took my 94 y.o. mother to her annual St. Joseph’s Table at her church. Speaking of “comfort food” – growing up in an Italian house, THAT is the way you show your love – if you truly love me, you will eat the food I cooked and baked. So my mother and I bonded as we both ate like pigs! (Italian pigs, of course). It was fun. Mary

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Mary, Italian food–and women–are the best. Did you have Sfinge?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Karen, What’s Sfinge? Maybe I have eaten it, but we tend to pronounce all the Italian words wrong anyway – maybe with a Sicilian slang to it! Mary

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Mary, a few jobs ago I worked in a department that was mostly Italian..the ladies decided that the three non-Italians who worked there had to be made honorary Italians..actually, honorary Sicilians! Every March 19th, Rae or Connie (Concetta) would bring sfinge from a bakery on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Sfinge came in two varieties–custard and with ricotta cheese. If you google “Sfinge Di San Giuseppe” you’ll get some recipes. I bet you’ve had it! Karen

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Karen, My Godmother made the best “conolies” (same thing you are talking about). Mary

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you, Karen, Italian food and women are the best, but not necessarily in that order. Dianne

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