Planning for Our 20th

Posted by Censor Librorum on Jun 27, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

Lori and I celebrate our 20th anniversary together in November. We mark our anniversary from the day of our first dinner date in Park Slope, with dessert at Cousin John’s (still there!) and a kiss good-night at the Grand Army Plaza subway station. By the next morning I knew I was in love.

We have picked up two other anniversaries along the way – NYC domestic partners (April ’93) and wedding in Hawaii (August ’98). We have thought about going to Canada to get legally married but decided against it. We’ll wait for whenever gay & lesbian weddings are legal in NY State, and then ask the mayor of Greenport to marry us. Since we’re both good Catholic girls, a church wedding is out unless we get annulments. If that day ever comes our son, Robert, can walk us both down the aisle.

We wanted to celebrate our 20th in a big way, and go off and have the romantic honeymoon we never had 20 years ago. We had two criteria for the spot: luxurious and easy to get to. After considering a bunch of different places, we decided on a spot we know well: Arizona. We’ll visit some new places and also return to old favorites, like Tucson.

A new place I want to explore is Kartchner Cavern, which was discovered in 1974 but not opened to the public until a few years ago. Good thing I called for tickets now-it was already booking up.

Mornings out hiking or jeep-touring…Afternoons at the spa…Evenings with a candlelight dinner-in our room if we don’t feel like going anywhere. I am planning to call Cousin John’s to see if they can express ship dessert for our first night. That will be a romantic touch I know will delight her.

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