Day of Rest

Posted by Censor Librorum on Jul 9, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

In our old Baltimore Catechism third in the “commandments of God” was “Remember thou keep holy the Lord’s day.”

When I was growing up, this meant going to church and eating a mid-day Sunday dinner together. Most stores were closed on Sunday, the Sabbath, so there was no shopping, and people didn’t work. Sunday was a day of worship, but it was also a “day of rest” – a day to relax and spend time with the family. Sunday afternoon background noise was Yankee games and Giants football droning away on the radio or TV. My father would fall asleep listening to them.

In the decade of the ’60s, things began to change. The church lost her grip, malls opened up, and instead of a day of rest Sunday became like another day of the week. Computers, blackberries, cell phones and other devices make it hard to have a stopping point or even a moment alone.

A few months ago I realized my prayer life had hit a ceiling. The iron grip necessary to live a full life as a non-drinking alcoholic seeped into other areas and I could not totally relax. I was also worn down by a seven-day-a-week attachment to my computer, so I continually worked, answered email, worked on my web sites, and thought of more things to do.

Without thinking about it too much I returned to a modified Sabbath of my girlhood.

I have spent the last several Sunday mornings sitting on the back porch with Lori talking and being together. We watch the birds in the backyard, look at our flowers and all the shrubs, roses and herbs and marvel how they have grown and changed since we have planted them. It is delightful. We immerse ourselves in our backyard, go for a long walk on the beach, sit down for a leisurely dinner, and the week drifts away on the breeze.

A few weeks ago, I was tired inside and out. Now after several Sundays of no work, I am beginning to appreciate the wisdom of setting aside one day to rest, renew and appreciate all that God has made for us.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you are saying. My girlfriend and I try to spend our Sundays with just each other. After church, it may be a sandwich in the park with a walk or maybe a game of “goofy golf”. Sometimes we make a date and go to a movie and dinner. It has helped us through tough work weeks and lack of time for each other. Staying connected with those most important to us is paramount to all other relationships as well as with our work.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Your Sundays sound relaxed and romantic. That’s so great. I agree with you – it’s important to keep “dating” after you are together. Dedicating some special time every week reminds us to be as attentive as we were when we were courting, and keeps the “spice” and tenderness in the relationship. All the best to you both, Karen

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