Kate Clintonisms

Posted by Censor Librorum on Aug 9, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

Kate Clinton says:

“I’m really happy that I was raised Catholic because it’s given me years of material.”

“Some women can’t say the word lesbian…even when their mouth is full of one.”

She has tried to get a dialog going with other Catholic lesbians (or ex-Catholics, or post-Catholics, or not-Catholic-anymore-but-can’t-let-it-go Catholics) in her forum on the “CommuniKate” page. She hasn’t had much luck – only one person.

Help her out – your story might be entertaining enough to wind up as part of her routine. “Hey there, Recovering Catholics. I know you’re out there. I’ve seen you at my shows — sung with you in fact. I’d love to hear from you. Anyone have any horror stories to share?”


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2 Responses to “Kate Clintonisms”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have a hard time with Kate Clinton’s humor. I find some things offensive and most things too vulgar for me. Mary

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mary, Kate Clinton performed at an mimi conference some local CCL members organized over a decade ago. I didn’t attend, but I heard participants enjoyed her very much. I have never heard a Kate Clinton CD or seen her perform in a club, so I’ll need to reserve judgement.

    Catholics are the butt of a lot of jokes. So are Jews and Muslims. Some of this is affectionate, but much is simply prejudice and a form of cruel fun which is ultimately meant to mock and demean.

    Since I haven’t seen her perform or interact with her audience, I can’t venture a guess what is the stimulus for Kate Clinton’s Catholic humor. It could be catharsis; it could be reliable material for laughs–mocking or not; it could meant as a connection with other Catholic (or exCatholic) lesbians in her audience, or some other reason.
    I have no idea.

    Good to hear from you! Karen

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