Meinrad Craighead

Posted by Censor Librorum on Oct 9, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

After a weekend of roaming through yard sales, tag sales and estate sales between Orient and Southold, I had a stack of old books to integrate into my bookshelves – a happy task.

During my rearranging, I came upon a book I must have gotten or been given in 1986. “The Mother’s Songs – Images of God the Mother” by Meinrad Craighead, is an elongated paperback with color prints on one side and descriptive text on the other. I stopped my organizing and sat down to read and enjoy.

To whomever gave me this book…thank you.

“God the Mother came to me,” said Meinrad Craighead, “when I was a child and, as children will do, I kept her a secret. We hid together inside the structures of institutional Catholicism. Through a lifetime of Catholic liturgies, during years of Catholic education, from first grade through college, in my professional work in Catholic education, for fourteen years in a Catholic monastery, we lived at my inmost center.”

“This natural religious instinct for my Mothergod gave me a profound sense of security and stability. She was the sure ground I grew in, the groundsill of my spirituality. Yet we remained comfortably at home in the bosom of Holy Mother Church. My Catholic heritage and environment have been like a beautiful river flowing over my subterranean foundation in God the Mother. The two movements are not in conflict, they simply water different layers in my soul.”

More information about her life, art, books, and retreats for women can be found on her website.

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