Sun Washed

Posted by Censor Librorum on Jan 26, 2008 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

Last Saturday Lori and I attended the annual meeting for NFWFW (North Fork Women for Women) at Poquatuck Hall in Orient. We wanted to learn more about the organization and see if we wanted to volunteer for some activity or committee. We found everyone to be warm, welcoming and very friendly. The leadership and members impressed us as a wonderful group of women, and we plan to get involved later this year.

Driving home after the meeting, we stopped off at the Atelier Gallery to see James Napoleon’s one man show. We planned just to stop by to say hello and see his new paintings, but we ended up with “Sunswept” which Lori and I were both attracted to the minute we saw it. James explained the distance in painting is calculated on some mathematic perspective. I don’t understand it. What I do know, is that from whatever angle, in whatever light, I see something new. The tree in the painting reminds us both of the driftwood and dead trees that we see walking along the beach towards the lighthouse. Hikers often stick welk shells on the dead branches. An offering?

I am also very drawn to his paintings of leaves. I especially like “Trinity.” I’m thinking of going back to get it before the end of the show to feature on my new blog, Green Canticle.

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