Texans Take a Stand

Posted by Censor Librorum on Feb 14, 2008 | Categories: Politics

A Catholic university in Texas is coming under fire from pro-life advocates for hosting a rally for pro-choice Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s campaign has set up a rally at Greehey Auditorium on the campus of St. Mary’s University.

Word of the rally reached San Antonio Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, who told WOAI radio that the university is wrong to give Clinton a platform to air views that going against church teaching on abortion. “Our Catholic institutions must promote the clear understanding of our deep moral convictions on an issue like abortion, an act that the Church calls “‘an unspeakable crime’ and a non negotiable issue,'” he told the radio station.

St. Mary’s University president Charles Cotrell released at statement defending the decision to hold the rally: “As a Catholic tax-exempt university, St. Mary’s does not endorse political candidates or their positions on issues and acknowledges the fundamental differences between those of the presidential candidates and those of the Catholic Church,” he said.

After reading the online article, I sent the following email to the head of communications at St. Mary’s University:

Thank you for holding firm to have presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a speaker. Catholic institutions should not be used by clergy and others motivated by political agendas to promote their selective use of church teaching.

I am still looking for the day when a bishop denies a speaking engagement or event to a politician because he or she votes large tax breaks to oil and agri-business instead of promoting food stamps and school meals, health care and education for poor children; backs the death penalty; and wars deemed unjust and unnecessary. These are “culture of life” issues, too, with plenty of “innocent lives” at stake.senator-clinton2.jpg

My question to Bishop Gomez – why would you think Hillary Clinton would pick a Catholic university to focus on abortion….unless, of course, some political operative in the audience is primed to attack her on this issue? Isn’t it possible she’s planning to speak about other areas related to Catholic Social Teaching…like the preferential option for the poor, dignity for working people and immigrants, and health care?

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One Response to “Texans Take a Stand”

  1. Sylvia Smith Says:

    I called Bishop Gomez’s office and asked why he was making no statement to the press regarding the fact that it had already been announced that Hillary Clinton would be speaking at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. I was told, “The bishop doesn’t get involved in politics.” I asked why he had not warned the president of St. Mary’s University, that a presidential candidate who is for abortion that this goes against Catholic Doctrine. It wasn’t done. He made a statement to the press, after she was already there. Then, when the only candidate for President who is against abortion, same sex marrige went to St. Mary’s University to speak, he conveniently left town and made no comments whatsoever.

    We now have a very political matter happening in the catholic church in San Antonio,Texas. It is aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. The Bishop speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He sits on catholic television saying how they should be helped and then says in the press that it is illegal. He sat on EWTN recently and bemoaned the miserable plight of the Hispanic illegal immigrants. I hope anyone, regarding of Catholics or not go to jail for doing anything to endorse illegal immigrants in this country. It is against the law and it’s now years too late–thanks to our government. But, we have to start some place to take back our country!!!!!!!!!!!!

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