Young Women & Catholicism

Posted by Censor Librorum on Apr 25, 2008 | Categories: Arts & Letters

Young Women & Catholicism is a blog by two young Catholic women at Harvard Divinity School “who think women our age (18-35) have something important to say about Catholicism.”kate-and-jen.jpg

“Our hope is that women from a range of perspectives and backgrounds will grapple with questions about Catholic identity in their writing–growing up Catholic, racial and ethnic identity intertwined with Catholic identity, Catholic relationship with the body, Catholic feminism, Catholic activism, coming out in Catholicism, Catholic-inspired art.”

I hope their “anthology of memoirs” ultimately helps them to build a good, strong network of future theologians, writers, activists, parish leaders; and maybe even someday, women priests.  

It isn’t necessary for members of this group to be friends or like everyone the same, but treat each other as respected colleagues, as individual women who are bringing their own unique contribution to Catholic faith, thought and practice to the world.

I also pray that unlike  some Catholic womens’ groups I have been involved with, the members can challenge one another: hold differing opinions, speak passionately, and  be forgiven for a heated word or indiscretion. In other words,  welcome and value diversity.

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