James Dobson Doesn’t Speak For Me

Posted by Censor Librorum on Jun 27, 2008 | Categories: Lesbians & Gays, Politics

Prominent  special  interest lobbyist and evangelical preacher,  James C. Dobson, is back in the news. He  sharply attacked presidential candidate Barak Obama, accusing him of having “a fruitcake interpretation of the Constitution” and twisting the meaning of both the Old and New Testaments. dobson-james.jpg

“I think he’s deliberately distorting  the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own world view, his own confused theology,” Mr. Dobson said in one of the recent radio broadcasts for the group he leads, Focus on the Family.

He’s some kind of Biblical authority?” Mr. Dobson also asked.

Mr. Dobson’s remarks focused on a June 28, 2006 speech in which Mr. Obama mentioned passages from the Bible that he suggested were in conflict with present-day practices. Mr. Dobson made his criticisms shortly after Joshua Dubois, the Obama campaign’s religious affairs director, offered to meet with Focus on the Family leaders.

“Young conservative evangelicals seem more open to Obama’s ‘Christian’ message of caring for the poor, fighting genocide, health care for all and climate change,” David Brody, senior national correspondent of the Christian Broadcasting Network noted.

But so far, the attack seems to have backfired. Obama issued a strong response, and one supporter quickly created a website – jamesdobsondoesntspeakforme.com – that quotes Old Testament prophets, giving Dobson a Biblical wallop of his own.

It seems as if the Democrats have finally figured out what to do, when the Dobsons of the world try to paint them as faithless or anti-religious.

In the words of Jim Wallis, a politically liberal Christian activist, you have to go toe-to-toe with fundamentalists, carrying a Bible in one hand, and the Constitution in the other.

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