“God’s Candidate”

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Cardinal Angelo Scola, patriarch of Venice, celebrated a Mass to mark the 30th anniversary of the election of  John Paul I, “the smiling Pope.” Cardinal Albino Luciani was elected  Pope  on August 26, 1978.  Acclaimed for his refreshing candor, spontaneity and wit, he was described by Cardinal Basil Hume as “God’s candidate.” john-paul-i-pope-photo1.jpg

John Paul I was the first Pope to have a composite name, a gesture to honor his two predecessors – John XXIII and Paul VI.

The “smiling Pope” died on September 28, 1978, 33 days after his election to the papacy, allegedly of a heart attack.

Many people, myself included, believe he was murdered for  changes he planned to implement in the Vatican.

Most conspiracy theorists believe John Paul I was the victim of a plot involving powerful men linked to the Mafia, the Vatican Bank, and P2, an illegal Masonic Lodge whose membership included senior Italian politicians. One of these men was Bishop Paul Marcinkus, then head of the Vatican Bank.

According to some investigators, John Paul I was murdered not only because he was planning to purge the Vatican Bank, but also because he was planning to demote or dismiss powerful figures in the Curia, the Vatican bureaucracy.

There were several other  rumors that may also have contributed to his assassination: the belief he was  planning to proceed with the ordination of women; and continue to push the reforms of Vatican II, particularly with the bureaucracy.

The late Cardinal Aloisio Lorscheider of Brazil, a strong supporter of John Paul I, decided to speak out 20 years  later.   He had to “record with sorrow” that the official version of John Paul I’ death was open to question. The cardinal noted that Cardinal Jean Villot, the then Secretary of State, had refused to allow a post mortem examination. cardinal-al.jpg

“I have to say that a suspicion remains in our hearts,” Cardinal Lorscheider said.

Three well-known books about the  death of Pope John Paul I include:  In God’s Name by David Yallop; Murder in the Vatican by Lucien Gregoire; and A Thief in the Night: The Mysterious Death of Pope John Paul I by John Cornwell.

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3 Responses to ““God’s Candidate””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    For the record, after John Paul I died, the Cardinals — as a group –debated whether an autosopy should be performed and decided — as a group — that one should not be. It is simply untrue that Cardinal Villot prohibited an autoposy. Quite simply, he had no authority to order one or not; that decision rested with the entire College.

  2. karen clark Says:

    how do you know this for sure? do you know, personally these men that you speak of? it is my opinion that pope john paul was indeed murdered by those closest to him within the vatican. the motive was greed, the retention of power and to prevent the truth being told. yes there was a cover up….and we will never be privy to the truth as this is something that those in the vatican are incapable of comprehending let alone exercising. god bless john paul 1st, a honest, humble, incoruptable man…..a rare thing these days.

  3. Michael Morley Says:

    I have read “In Gods Name” by David Yallop and am convinced John Paul !st was murdered. The Church today is full of hypocrisy under the leadership of a very right wing Pontiff. It still has huge problems with celibacy and sexual abuse amongst its so called priests. The humbug hypocrisy lies and deviousness of the Roman church is unbelievable. John Paul the 1st would have transformed the Church of Rome into something everyone respected and loved. The election of the first non Italian Pope for many years John Paul the 2nd was necessary to take away the suspicions of the death of his predesssor.

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