Church is Not a Party Boss

Posted by Censor Librorum on Sep 26, 2008 | Categories: Bishops, Politics

Miami Archbishop John C. Favalora snuffed out an attempt by the Alliance Defense Fund, a consortium of conservative Christian groups, to encourage pastors in his diocese  “to join their Pulpit Freedom Initiative by preaching a sermon ‘that addresses the candidates for government office in light of the truth of Scripture.'”

Issued on September 12 in the form of a letter, Archbishop Favalora’s statement to his flock is titled, Why we don’t take sides on candidates.  His words are measured and calm.  

Favalora said the group, which advocates for what it terms “Christian legal issues,” is attempting to challenge the Internal Revenue Services’s rules restricting non-profit organizations from advocating for particular political parties or candidates.

Favalora opined that scriptural truth “is not that easy to attain. What is more “true” in terms of scripture: The Old Testament passage that says ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ or Jesus’ admonition to ‘turn the other cheek’?”

He added that the Catholic church not only values Scripture, but also “2,000 years of oral and written tradition.”

He said the church cannot be compared to a “party boss” and will not tell people how to vote.

“When church leaders speak on issues such as immigration, poverty, health care, abortion, war or embryonic stem cell research, we are not telling people how to vote. We are reminding them of the moral teachings that should inform their lives, and as a result, their votes,” he wrote.

Favalora said the church “will speak in support of legislation that we consider to be morally sound and beneficial to the whole community” regardless of party or candidate. “That is our duty as teachers and successors of the apostles.” favalora.jpg

“Your duty as Catholics,” Favalora wrote, “is to listen to those teachings before making rational, informed, conscientious decisions regarding whom or what to vote for.”

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  1. Benny the Bridgebuilder Says:

    Reasonable enough if you can take it at face value.

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