Conservative vs. Ultra Conservative

Posted by Censor Librorum on Oct 25, 2008 | Categories: Celebrities, Humor

Every so often, Catholic conservatives take a breather from liberals  to beat each other up.   When that happens, it usually provides some great vaudevillian slapstick comedy.   Here’s a recent instance:

On October 22, 2008, the Long Island, NY newspaper, Newsday, reported an uproar at the ultra conservative parish, Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa Park.   The new pastor has cancelled a few parish traditions that have some  parishioners steaming.

Our Lady of Lourdes has been described as “a sanctuary from the ravages of the Spirit of  Vatican II.”  

For 32 years, the Rev. Robert E. Mason, 77,   celebrated a children’s Mass that attracted a loyal following among some families at the parish.   He also heard confession on  Saturday night.

Fr. Mason retired earlier this year. He was replaced as pastor in June 2008 by Msgr. James Lisante, the telegenic conservative commenator at Fox News. Earlier this year, Msgr. Lisante attracted attention by endorsing Sen. John McCain and leading a prayer for his election.

Lisante’s first clash with his new parishioners came in early in the summer  when–without official permission–he brought in a priest from the Northern Mariana Islands in the South Pacific  who had worked with him every summer since 2000 at his former parish, St. Thomas the Apostle in Hempstead.

Who knows that happened, but the priest,  Rev. Matthew Blockley,  was sent packing back to the Mariana Islands by Bishop William Murphy in July.

Next, Msgr. Lisante cancelled  Father Mason’s  Mass and confessions.   He also rescheduled his Sunday Latin Mass to 1:30 pm from the  morning time. When some parishioners complained Lisante  said they were overreacting.

“I’m livid. I’m appalled,” huffed Chris Layer, 42, of North Massapequa. She called the Mass cancellation “a blatantly   vindictive move” intended to silence those critical of Msgr. Lisante.

The the funniest part of the story was Msgr. Lisante’s choice for new music director at this  ultra conservative, Latin-Mass-go-to-confession, type of parish….Peter Rapanaro, the director of the Off-Broadway  play, “My Big Gay Italian Wedding.”  

Lisante insisted that Rapanaro had “met with Bishop Murphy and assured the bishop of his fidelity to the Catholic Church on every issue of sexual ethics.” mybiggay1_nigelteare.jpg

Whether the critics have been mollified remains to be seen…

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9 Responses to “Conservative vs. Ultra Conservative”

  1. Thom Says:

    I was sitting here thinking about the spectacle I witnessed yesterday afternoon, and this article just made me feel completely better. 🙂

  2. LonIslandDad Says:

    The real question is: SInce Lisante only sleeps one night a week at the rectory… where is he spending the rest of his time. Before Blockley was ejected… thousands and thousands of dollars was spent rennovating a rectory that the Pastor does not seem to use.

    This parish has allot of young large families who are exceedingly disgusted with this “bottom feeder” of a man. They have begun to call him DIamond Jim Lisante.

  3. Sister Margaret mary RSM Says:

    Father Blockley passed away in August 2009. May he rest in peace.

  4. Itzik Janowitz Says:

    Where did Father Blockley live when he passed away. Who is Sister Margaret Mary RSM, and where did she get her information from?

  5. Itzik Janowitz Says:

    There are tons of Sister Margaret Mary, and it is impossible to verify that the announced passing of Mathew Blockley is true and verifiable. From what diocese is Sr Margaret Mary ?
    Thank you

  6. Censor Librorum Says:

    Dear Izik, I don’t know her diocese; and, as you said, there are tons of Sister Margaret Marys.

  7. Sister Margaret Mary RSM Says:

    dear Itzik

    greetings from the pacific.

    we just read your message dated september 28 2009.

    Bishop william murphy and monsignor lisante will celebrate the anniversary mass of father blockley in the pacific in august.

    Sincerely. Sister Margaret Mary RSM

  8. itzik Janowitz Says:

    # Sister Margaret Mary RSM Says:
    July 25th, 2010 at 4:22 am

    dear Itzik

    greetings from the pacific.

    we just read your message dated september 28 2009.

    Bishop william murphy and monsignor lisante will celebrate the anniversary mass of father blockley in the pacific in august.

    Sincerely. Sister Margaret Mary RSM

    Dear Sister Margaret Mary( Ilona, or DaBroad,, more likely WhatNonSense)
    Your subterfuge and false portraying of a Sister in the Roman Catholic church leaves much to be desired. As a Pagan Wicca witch Ilona(PuttinLady), and hater of Catholics(as you have indicated with your slanderous remarks on Topix), qualifies you as and evil person,no matter what form of religion you follow. Upon checking with the DRVC
    Bishops office, they claim they do not know what you are talking about,and further they doubt that you have the brains to understand the LIES you have stated. The Bishops office, and Msgr Lisante do not know anything about what you have said. So take your Lies elsewhere, as we know what you are about. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, stop smoking pot, and drinking your Wicca brews, and concentrate on trying to be the kind of person you portray yourself as.
    Wie Ein Gutter freind,

    P.S. One year later a reply? no indication of what part of the world?
    yeh, a credible post. NOT!

  9. Bruser Says:

    LOL, tell it to those liars. Sister Margaret Mary? August came and went, and neither Bishop Murphy, nor Msgr Lisante left the country.
    Not unless they went by a “Flying Saucer”

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