Conservative Priest Almost Killed Pope John Paul II

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The late John Paul II was wounded in a 1982 knife attack. The would-be assassin, a priest, attacked the pope during a visit to Fatima Square in Portugal. The priest was opposed to the reforms adopted by the church after Vatican II.

The pope kept the injury secret. He carried on with the trip without disclosing his wound.

The incident is described in a new film, Testimony, and is based on the 2007  book of the same name by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the pope’s long-time secretary and friend. Cardinal Dziwisz accompanied Karol Wojtyla from his time in  Poland until his last days in the Vatican. The film is a testimony of John   Paul II’s life, presenting many new facts and interpretations. popemovie.jpg

The film premiered at the Vatican on October 16, 2008.   It is narrated by actor Michael York.

Dziwisz, who is now cardinal of Krakow, Poland, was John Paul’s private secretary and closest aide for nearly 40 years, including all his 27 years as pontiff.

“Today I can say what up to now we have kept secret,” Dziwisz said in the move. “That priest wounded the Holy Father..When we got back to the room there was blood.”

The attack occured on May 12, 1982, when Juan Fernandez Krohn lunged at John Paul with a bayonet during a ceremony in the shrine of Fatima in Portugal. The Pope had gone to the shrine to give thanks for surviving a gunshot wound from Turkish gunman  Mehmet Ali Agca in St. Peter’s Square on May 13, 1981.

Krohn was an ultra conservative priest, and former  member of the Society of Saint Pius X.   He was expelled from that group because he openly proclaimed Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre opposition to Pope John Paul II was too weak. juan22.bmp

Krohn was expelled from   Portugal in 1985 after serving half of a six year jail sentence.

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