Lent again! Not much fun!

Posted by Christine Nusse on Feb 25, 2009 | Categories: Seasons of the Spirit

Lent is here again. We have stumbled upon this ‘catholic’ web site, but does the liturgical year as it is proposed to us by the liturgy and Lent in particular, mean anything to us? Do they help us being a better person? Perhaps a better spiritual person? Or even a happier person?

This website brings us together. Our CCLonline community is virtual all right, but still, it is a real one. What is we could bring together our own spiritual experiences and share them in a way which will benefit all of us? Many of us are isolated and do not have access to a spiritual community of our peers, a spiritual community of lesbians of Catholic heritage.

What helps us grow spiritually? It is easy to know what helps us physically or intellectually. We know what a diet can do for us. We have experienced the renewed energy given by a regular exercise regimen. We value the intellectual effort a challenging book offers to us. But what of our spiritual self? Is it dormant? Alive and well?

To begin the exchange I suggest we share what has –or is- worked for us: a particular activity during the day or the week, a book, a web site, a cd, a meditation. Please send here as comments whatever you would like to contribute. Send also your own thoughts and ideas to build up together this spiritual community.

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