Two New Catholics Have Something To Say

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Tony Blair has challenged the “entrenched” attitudes of the Pope on homosexuality, and argued it is time for him to “rethink” his views.

During an April 8, 2009 interview with the U.K.’s leading gay magazine, Attitude, the former Prime Minister said: “Organised religions face the same dilemma as political parties when faced with changing circumstances.” tonyblair31

“You can either A: hold on to your core vote, basically, say ‘Look let’s not break out because if we break out we might lose what we’ve got, and at least we’ve got what we’ve got, so let’s keep it.’ Or B: you say, “Let’s accept that the world is changing and let us work out how we can lead that change and actually reach out.'”

Asked about the Pope’s stance, Mr. Blair blamed generational differences and said: “We need an attitude of mind where rethinking and the concept of evolving attitudes becomes part of the discipline with which you approach your religious faith.”

“There are many good and great things the Catholic Church does, and there are many fantastic things this Pope stands for, but I think what is interesting is that if you went into any Catholic Church, particularly a well attended one, on any Sunday here and did a poll of the congregation, you’d be surprised how liberal-minded people were. The faith of ordinary Catholics is rarely found “in those types of entrenched attitudes,” he said.

Not all British Catholics applauded with his remarks.

On March 29, 2009, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, was received into the Catholic Church.   He has not said publicly why he converted, but his third wife, Callista Bisek, is Catholic.   Mr. Gingrich had been a Baptist.

But a comment he recently made may contain a hint: “Over the course of the last decade, attending the basilica…reading the literature, there was a peace in my soul and a sense of well-being in the Catholic church.”

Mr. Gingrich,   a   conservative Republican who has not run for elective office since he was forced out of Congress in 1999, has toyed with running for president in the past and is much-rumored to be considering a 2012 bid.   It is not clear how his Catholicism might affect his political future, but in a recent Twitter post Gingrich commented President Obama has “anti Catholic values.”  gingrich200

“It is sad to see,” he texted, “notre dame invite president obama to give the commencement address Since his policies are so anti catholic values”

Based on his sexual infidelities and multiple marriages, some U.S. Catholics question Rep. Gingrich’s self-promotion  as a spokesman for authentic  “Catholic values.”

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2 Responses to “Two New Catholics Have Something To Say”

  1. Póló Says:

    Unfortunately, Blair is a War Criminal.

  2. Karen Doherty Says:

    Hi Polo, good to hear from you.

    From a distance, it seems at least Blair is trying to make amends.

    Gingrich, on the other hand, seems a little suspect in his attack on Obama about “Catholic values.” Abortion certainly isn’t a Catholic value, but Obama’s support for the poor, the marginalized, and for peace certainly are. The attack was so lopsided it backfired.

    I hope certain U.S. bishops aren’t so dumb, and so carried away by the abortion issue they are blinded to the politicians trying to use them to further their careers.

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