Ordinary Time

Posted by Christine Nusse on Jun 28, 2009 | Categories: Seasons of the Spirit

After the Feast of Corpus Christi, the liturgy enters the Ordinary Time, also known as Time after Pentecost. It will last until Christ the King, the Sunday just before Advent. Each Sunday of this period has a theme, but there is not a particular on going thrust from one week to the next as there were in Advent, Lent and Easter Time. We are so to speak, left spiritually to find our own thrust. Which is really what we, Catholic lesbians, are left to do all the time. Because of our ‘life style’, we must negotiate the path of our spiritual life on our own, usually without a community.
How do we do it? Where do we pick our spiritual daily bread? Is it easy? Difficult?
Now would be a good time to share what works for us, and what does not, the successes and the pitfalls. We are as in a desert, but there are oasis out there. There are ways to travel, to keep sustaining ourselves. Please let’s share with each other, in this, our virtual community.
Happy trail!

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