Sister Jane Dominic Laurel Explains It All For You

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Hundreds of angry parents packed the gym of Charlotte Catholic High School in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 2, 2014 to criticize a recent student assembly on human sexuality and gender and blast the school leaders who organized it. The clear majority were opposed to the program’s ugly anti-gay content.  Fr-Kauth-

One parent confronted Fr. Matthew Kauth, the school chaplain who arranged for the program, “You don’t know what’s best for our children. We want our children to remain Catholic, but we are being pushed away by the climate of what is going on here.”

The March 21, 2014 presentation by Nashville Dominican Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, “Masculinity and Femininity: Difference and Gift,” sparked an unexpected backlash by many students, teachers, parents and alumni. Her presentation was based on a series of instructional videos she created for Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is an associate professor of theology.

Based on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Sister Jane Dominic Laurel explained the differences between the genders, the role of family, importance of real friendships, emotional intimacy and the impacts of contemporary culture on our concepts of sexuality and sexual expression.  nashville domminican

Half of her 60-minute presentation was devoted to homosexuality.

During her talk, Sr. Jane Dominic asserted homosexuality occurs mainly as a result of parents’ shortcomings and pornography. She also attributed a correlation between the decline of fatherhood in America and the rise of homosexuality.

One students said the other students were barely listening to the nun’s talk. “Where I was sitting, most of them were asleep. There was this nun blabbering on and on and talking really fast.  When the gay part of the talk started, some of them perked up and started tweeting.”

In a car ride home, a boy described the talk to his mother:  “Then she started talking about how gays are gay because they have an absent father figure, and therefore they have not received the masculinity they should have from their father. Also a guy could be gay if he masturbates and so he thinks he is being turned on by other guys. And then she gave an example of one of her gay friends who said he used to go to a shed with his friends and watch porn and that’s why he was gay…Then she talked about the statistic where gay men have had either 500 or 1,000 sexual partners and after that I got up and went to the bathroom because I should not have had to be subject to that extremely offensive talk.”

During her speech Sr. Jane Dominic also stated:

– Gays and lesbians are not born with same-sex attractions – Children in single parent homes have a greater change of becoming homosexual – Single and divorced parents caused children to be gay – Homosexuals cannot live normal, productive lives – Gays can’t be good parents – Distant or absent fathers can cause boys to seek masculine affirmation in a sexual attraction to other males.

The research Sr. Jane Dominic used in her presentation came from the Catholic Medical Society’s publication, “Homosexuality and Hope,” and other papers.  CMA publishes research that conforms to the moral magisterium of the Church.

In an April 4, 2014 statement, Sister Mary Sarah, O.P., the president of Aquinas College, defended the school’s curriculum and Sr. Jane Dominic’s credentials as a theologian, but acknowledged that the portion of Sister Jane’s presentation of social science data about the alleged causes of same-sex attraction–which prompted many of the concerns from parents and students–was outside the scope of her academic background.

The Rev. Tim Reid, the ultra conservative pastor of St. Ann Catholic Church in Charlotte, praised the nun, saying, “she represented well the Catholic positions on marriage, sex, same-sex attraction and proper gender roles…The Church as already lost too many generations of Catholic school students to…a very muddled and watered-down faith.” He also scolded the upset Catholic parents in an April 6, 2014 homily for their “lack of charity.”

Paul W. Primavera, who lives in Charlotte and knows Fr. Reid, also commented online on the controversy: “I have this to say to all those students and parents who do not like what she said: she is right and you are wrong. Homosexual behavior is sin and will send the perpetrator to hell.  Adultery and fornication are sin and will send the perpetrator to hell. Do you want your children to go to hell? Sister Jane doesn’t and she therefore demonstrates greater love than you apparently do. If you don’t like that and want to continue in rebellion, then why don’t you go all the way and join the Episcopalian heretics. Think not for one moment St. Paul or St. John could tolerate your sickening and putrid liberal progressivism.”

Sr. Jane Dominic has referenced sex and homosexuality in a number of her YouTube videos.

In one lecture posted online, she claims that more young women are engaging in oral sex and says, “This is not a normal sexual act. It’s something that’s imported from the homosexual culture. It’s not part of the natural love between man and woman.”

In another clip, Sr. Jane Dominic speaks at length about the Folsom Street Fair. Billed as the “World’s Biggest Leather Event,” it is a bondage/SM/role-playing fetish event held annually in San Francisco mostly for gay men. In another video, she says that androgyny is a tool of Satan and that “devil-worshipers” have three goals: to continue abortions, to destroy traditional marriage and destroy the distinction between male and female.

Good thing she didn’t add those examples to her talk at Charlotte Catholic High.

The Censor Liborum is left with three questions from this whole debacle:

-Why was a school talk that heavily referenced sex given in mixed company and without first advising the parents?

-Why were Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel and Fr. Matthew Kauth so focused on talking about homosexuality and homosexual sex? The talk, ostensibly, was to encourage young people in happy and healthy relationships and ultimately marriage with the opposite sex.

-How in the heck did Sr. Jane Dominic find the Folsom Street Fair?


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5 Responses to “Sister Jane Dominic Laurel Explains It All For You”

  1. Póló Says:

    These people are just plain nuts. They have absorbed a traditional theology founded on ideology rather than fact.

    It reminds me of the closed system I grew up in and which I thought we had all left behind for the better.

    Very, very depressing.

  2. Emil F. Gies Says:

    Thanks for this exposition. It is more specific and complete than anything else I have read. I have much respect for Sr. Jane. However, I do think she was way off base talking at length about homosexuality without having consulted more of the literature in the field. Apparently, she leaned on one source that Catholics would generally find reliable, the Catholic Medical Association. However, to my surprise, in this case they were way off base. I am a practicing Catholic, and, at times, I am critical of the Church. In my opinion the Church is not always right. According to the doctrine of infallibility, the Church is infallible only when she has said she is speaking ex cathedra, that is from her full teaching authority, on matters of faith and morals. To my knowledge, the Church is still open as to the cause or causes of homosexuality. At this time, it seems that most authorities are of the opinion that homosexuality is innate, not learned.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is the church still open to the origin to homosexuality? I do not know the answer to that. However, there are clear and measurable sociological studies on homosexuality.
    It is a fact that the homosexual culture will experience more relationships, more abuse in relationships,including physical harm, increase mental disorders, increase low self esteem, and markedly increase of suicide sand attempts. These are facts that can be found at any library or when consulting a counselor or sociology major at any university.
    The question is “why would any parent want to encourage and not challenge society in general regarding homosexuality. As a parent point out theses facts and ask your child,niece or nephew ” How do you want your life to flow?” Leave the church out and ask point blank. “Do you want an increases in all the risks that are part of being a homosexual?” Life is difficult enough. A homosexual will always and forever not have as much confidence going through life….what a burden to have to explain yourself,justify yourself,convince yourself that being a homosexual and letting everyone know this is your choice will be a daily challenge. These are the facts and nature to living a homosexual life. Just call your local university and ask for statitistics.

  4. Censor Liborium Says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    You are coming from the stance that being homosexual is a bad thing, and homosexuals are condemned to a hard life on the margins. It is only a hardship if you or your family, under the pretext of “happiness” push you into pretending to be heterosexual. If you are a homosexual, and you have found a loving partner or spouse, life could not be sweeter. Anyone is going to experience difficulty in living an authentic life, regardless of your sexuality. Living as a Christian is very difficult at times, but no one would say not to do it because your life will be a daily challenge. Instead I would encourage the person to focus on all the love, and wonders, and kindness, and great people you will meet, and challenges to faced and overcome, and the great peace inside from experiencing all of these things

  5. Martin Says:

    Dear Polo and Emil,

    Research has shown that homosexuals are NOT born that way.
    A top researcher with the American Psychological Association and lesbian activist has acknowledged that gays are not “born that way.”

    Dr. Lisa Diamond, co-editor-in-chief of the APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology and one of the APA’s “most respected members,” says sexual orientation is “fluid” and not unchangeable.

    I believe you have been brainwashed by the liberal media. Some people believe in everything the liberal media says, but have reservation for what the Church says.


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