Pious Trash: President Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast Appearance

Posted by Censor Librorum on Feb 7, 2020 | Categories: Accountability, Faith, Humor, Pious Trash, Politics, Scandals

The National Prayer Breakfast is a Washington, DC tradition that stretches back to 1953, when president Dwight Eisenhower established it at the suggestion of evangelist Billy Graham.  It is a bi-partisan event with political, business and civic leaders coming together to pray.  Many members of Congress normally attend.

Yesterday’s breakfast had a different vibe.  President Trump used the podium to attack supporters of his impeachment drive.  “As everybody knows, my family, our great country and your president have been put through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt people,” Trump said.  He scolded his opponents by saying impeachment supporters “know what they are doing is wrong, but they put themselves far ahead of our great country.”  He added, “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong.” He went on, “Nor do I like people who say, ‘ I pray for you’ when you know that is not so.”  The last jab was directed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has previously said she prays for him. 

Pelosi responded in a news conference after the event.  She told reporters it was “completely inappropriate” for Trump to criticize people for looking to their faith as a basis for their decisions–“especially at a prayer breakfast.”  “I pray hard for him because he’s so off the track of our constitution, our values, our country,” she said. “He really needs our prayers.”

I’m not sure all the prayers in the world will help our dysfunctional Congress, and the nasty, pathological liar we have for a president.  President Trump is Roy Cohn resurrected.






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3 Responses to “Pious Trash: President Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast Appearance”

  1. Póló Says:

    Holy Ghost on extended vacation?

  2. Karen Says:

    It’s a terrible time to be a Catholic, but it’s even worse to be an American. Life unfolding on the news reminds me of a non-stop reality TV show, noise and stupidity with plenty of commercials to buy things. Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, was an arrogant, corrupt, closeted homosexual who eventually died of AIDS. He claimed it was liver cancer. Cohn was the toast of New York society. Trump is the king of Congress. The Democrats aren’t much better. They promise “free everything” and “the rich” will pay the bill. We have turned into ancient Rome, bread and circuses. The Church is no help.

  3. Póló Says:

    I have to admit, Rome often comes to mind.

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