God’s weakness

Posted by Christine Nusse on Apr 1, 2006 | Categories: Seasons of the Spirit

Yes, does it make a difference to God?
The more we love, the more vulnerable we are. So much so that people who have been hurt a lot may fear to love again. To love is to risk. Love is a form of weakness. One can get hurt! This is all very clear and can be read and seen in thousand ways in literature and art of all kind.
But can it apply to God? Does God seek my love? Yes, mine, not all human’s in general, but Mine. And if I do not respond, does it make a difference to God? If it does not, then there would be no mutuality, only complete surrender and adoration on my side and unlimited power-over on God’s side. That’s not love!
There must be a weakness in God that allows for mutuality. How can it be? My mind refuses to think of it as if an abyss opens in front of me. This is so scary! What if indeed God loves me so much as to need me? As to be left vulnerable, waiting for me?
Me, not as the center of the universe, but as each one of us being the ‘Me’ God loves to such extreme. Each one of us as a unique and absolute love.
Not sure that I am on theologically solid ground I go back to the Gospels. And yes, indeed it all fit:
“Who saw me, have seen the Father” says Jesus. God and Jesus are one and the same. So Christ in the abject weakness of his passion, at the mercy of his torturers shows God, as a true icon.
Some feminist Christians reject the image of Christ on the cross as being sadistic. How can a father do that to his son? I agree, the cross cannot be there to expiate our sins, as a ransom paid to God the Father. I do not believe that. That would put God in some sort of terrorist role. Violence, torture as a mean for God to save us! This is absurd. In that sense, the Cross could not be a mean of salvation. But God, on the cross, at our mercy, having lost all power, utterly weak, a pitiful prisoner in the hands of thugs. Why?
“I am at your mercy!” says God to me in Jesus on the cross. “I love you as much!” and Christ opens his arms wide with no defense left against me.

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