Houston Bar Vision

Posted by Censor Librorum on Feb 12, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

Years ago, during one of those “who is” lesbian gossip sessions, a CCL member from Texas told me she was in a bar when Anna Nicole Smith walked through the door. Every butch at the bar swiveled around for a better look, and one of them even fell off her stool. I bet she did! Around that time, Anna Nicole posed for Playboy and became Playmate of the Year.

I don’t know whether or not Anna Nicole ended up with someone that evening, but rumor has it her girlfriend from gay bar days was with her throughout her marriage to J. Howard Marshall, an oilman some 60+ years her senior. They broke up, and the girlfriend was penning some “tell-all” book.

Anna Nicole Smith seemed to have a few lesbian flings or one night stands since then, including picking up a waitress at a “bingo night” at some hamburger place in LA. She may have enjoyed women, and even loved a few, but I don’t get the sense she was gay. She was probably bi-sexual, or “try-sexual” as in “Try Everything.”

Like her idol, Marilyn Monroe, who also had occasional sapphic adventures, she died young and under mysterious circumstances.

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