"I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you." Lk: 22:15

Posted by Christine Nusse on Apr 5, 2007 | Categories: Seasons of the Spirit

Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem before the Passover must have been extremely busy. With everyone looking to see him, to touch him, from morning to night, Jesus was pressed from everywhere. Teaching in the Temple, he probably did not have time to even eat or sleep. Just when he needed the most to be alone, to think and pray. Maybe was he able to steal few hours away at night, in the Garden when everyone was asleep.
The authorities were looking for a way to kill him without causing a riot. It was obvious. All knew it. But they did not dare, yet. For how long? What was going to happen? What was he supposed to do?
The gospels put the temptations at the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, but it makes more sense to think that they were always present to him, under one form or another. Don’t we always have the same temptations? They become more sophisticated as we mature, but even lots of therapy doesn’t change them, really.
What if he could do something to change people’s mind? To make them believe? Time was running out. What could he do that he had not done? Yes, he was teaching in the Temple all day long, but they did not hear. Too many distractions in this city. Too much noise, it was like sowing seed on hard rock!
The temptation to impose himself, just a little bit, for the greater good of the people must have been so strong it even convinced one of his closest friend to go ahead and force his hand. Once his back against the wall, Jesus would do something! If not, all would be lost. That was Judas’ bet.
To find support, strength, comfort even, Jesus turned to his disciples. After all he had shared with them, they would understand his choice. Maybe he could tell them one more time what God’s reign is and how it can come about. He would give them all he had left and then, through them at least all would not be lost.
He was eagerly waiting to eat the Passover with them.

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