"Do this I have done to you…in memory of me"

Posted by Christine Nusse on Apr 6, 2007 | Categories: Seasons of the Spirit

The Passover Seder, his last, must have been very emotional for Jesus.
Did he foresee what was going to happen in the next hours? Not in a superhuman way, I do not believe he did. However there were enough signs quite easy to read for a perfectly normal intelligence. For one, Judas had done the deed. He would not look Jesus in the eyes. He did not even stay for the whole meal, his discomfort was all too apparent. As for the others, they were scared but confident that Jesus would lead them all out of danger. Only Jesus knew he could not, he would not.
During the evening he had spoken to them for a long time. Had they understood anything? To make it more plain, he washed their feet, as a slave would do. That got their attention! “Do to others as I have just done to you.” One cannot be more clear. It was not a list of “don’ts” that Jesus gave them as his ultimate message, but a demanding “do”. This action was one of those gestures that great religious masters excel in! Buddhist, Sufi, Jewish..
Still it was not enough. If those friends were going to be the only ones carrying on his message; if it was through them that his ministry would continue, he had to go further. He had to give them an even greater sign, a sign which would accomplish what it signifies. He served them his own self, his body and blood, so the union between them and with him would be possible, and complete.

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