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Posted by Censor Librorum on May 14, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

I have been avoiding buying a copy of “god is not Great” because I haven’t wanted to put any money in Christopher Hitchens’ pocket. A former Christian from a Jewish family, he is now a self-professed atheist. A Brit ex-pat, he has lived in the United States since 1981 and recently became an American citizen. He is an apologist for neocons, President Bush and the Iraq war. He drinks a lot, and enjoys talking about how much he drinks and smokes.

Christopher Hitchens makes a living writing articles and books that are witty, entertaining, excruciatingly insightful, and biased almost exclusively against Christians, especially Catholics. The honest among us will reflect on the points he raises; the self-hating will give him a blanket endorsement.

I wonder why he is so biased against Christianity. What happened in his youth or early life? Most people who have such a focused anger and scorn develop it in reaction to rejection or contempt from an object of desire. Critics that continually harp on one subject usually are trying to mold it into a scapegoat or villain to explain the sins of the world. Much like a few of our recent Popes.

Personally, I think he read Pope Pius IX’s “Syllabus of Errors” (a catalog of things wrong with modern society) and decided it was high time to write a rebuttal.

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