Tack for Arvak

Posted by Censor Librorum on Aug 2, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

I have two kayaks: “Blue Duck,” smoke and blue, 60 lb. and almost 15 ft.; and “Arvak,” bright orange, 39 lb. and 9′ ft. I named my first kayak “Blue Duck” after watching the solitary ducks skim across the surface of Hallock’s Bay. “Arvak” which means “Early Riser” in Old Norse, is the name of a second kayak I acquired last summer. The name “Arvak” is a nod to my Norwegian heritage and my favorite time to be out on the water – very early in the morning after dawn.

Arvak is one of the horses of the goddess, Sol, and with Alsvid pulls her chariot across the sky. Close behind them follows the wolf, Skoll. Sol gives off the heat of the sun, and Arvak’s shining mane gives off light. When I’m out paddling and see light glistening off the water it reminds me of the myth.

I am often in a meditative state when I kayak; and even in rocky water I’m calm inside.

The rune for the sun-Sowulo-is associated with energy, strength, healing, and fertility. All good and positive things; especially for someone like me who needs the outdoors and contact with the sea as part of her spiritual life and health.

Like buying a fancy bridle and saddle for a favorite horse, I’m going to decoupage the bow, stern and outside the cockpit of the kayak. I will also apply the Sowulo rune to each side of the kayak, as a way to honor the connection to the sun and light, and all the healing I’ve experienced out on the water.

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