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Is there a connection between Lyme disease and Plum Island?

If you take a compass and put the point on Plum Island and spin the pencil in a circle, the circle will encompass the areas worst hit by Lyme disease: the Connecticut coast and Eastern Long Island. Birds and deer could have easily traveled from Plum Island to infect the mainland.

I bet a lot of people don’t know one of the founding fathers of Plum Island was ex-Nazi scientist Dr. Erich Traub. As lab chief of Insel Riems-a secret Nazi biological warfare laboratory on an island in the Baltic Sea-Traub worked directly for Adolf Hitler’s second-in-command, SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, on live germ trials. He packaged a hoof-and-mouth disease virus, which was dropped from a Luftwaffe bomber onto cattle and reindeer in occupied Russia.

In the early 1950s Dr. Traub was recruited to provide expertise to our military and the USDA on animal viruses. Based on his experience in Insel Riems, he helped set up the germ laborary on Plum Island.

Attorney John Loftus was hired in 1979 by the Office of Special Investigations, a unit set up by the Justice Department to expose Nazi war crimes and unearth Nazi criminals hiding in the U.S. Given top-secret clearance to review files that had been sealed for 35 years Loftus found a lot of information on America’s postwar Nazi recruiting.

He eventually published a book, The Belarus Secret. In the preface of the book, Loftus laid out a striking piece of information:

“Even more disturbing are the records of Nazi germ warfare scientists who came to America. They experimented with poison ticks dropped from planes to spread rare diseases. I have received some information suggested the U.S. tested some of these poison ticks on Plum Island’s artillery range off the coast of Connecticut during the early 1950s…Most of the germ warfare records have been shredded, but there is a top secret U.S. document confirming that ‘clandestine attacks on crops and animals’ took place at this time.”

So, in my Lyme-infected brain, let me see if I understand this correctly…hmmm…our government turned over the keys to a germ laboratory to a scientist who less than ten years before worked directly for Heinrich Himmler on germ warfare?

I can see some dope in the State Department saying, “Well, gosh, of course he’s all right. He said the Pledge of Allegiance!”

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