George Carlin’s “Ten Commandments”

Posted by Censor Librorum on Jun 23, 2008 | Categories: Humor

George Carlin passed away over the weekend.   He was a funny guy. I’ll miss him and his outrageousness.   Bill Maher, another ex-Catholic comedian, could take a cue from him to be sharp but not slashing. It’s funnier, and even more devastating, if you really want to nail institutions and people.

Carlin’s  dissembling of the “Ten Commandments” is one of the most entertaining, uplifting scriptural explanations I ever heard.  I always played whenever I needed  to lighten-up a deary mood,  especially from bad  organized religion news.  Anyone who took the Bible literally–or totally respectfully–probably would pass out if they heard it.

I Used To Be Irish Catholic” from the Class Clown album is still my favorite.  

He was also “Cardinal Glick” in the comedy, Dogma.  The movie is set in my old home state – New Jersey! (You know, that was a good choice!)


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