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 “j” posted this message on the Forum on Sunday, July 13th.  

“God excepts us for who we are, our sins and all but to live in a lifestyle of disrespecting on how God made us being female or male and just giving in to our human sexual desires seems to defeats the purpose of following Christ and obeying His commands”

 I didn’t post the message, because regular Forum members would find it upsetting and an intrusion on safe, sacred space. But, I can respond on this blog; so, “j”, whoever you are, I hope you come back and read my reply:

Dear  j,

I detected a certain gentle  tone in your admonishment. In fact, it was almost a question, as if you were unsure.

Please know I agree with you, that God accepts us for who we are, sins and all, and that God loves us deeply and unconditionally.

If you have chosen as a gay person to live chastely, then please know I respect your decision.

I chose to live my life with a loving partner.   And I am a happier, and wholer person in every way because of it. Love gives me life and vitality, and sexual expression is part of that love.

Before you decide that we disrespect God by loving women, then I suggest you try this before you make up your mind:

Kiss a woman.   Deeply, fiercely, tenderly.   How does it make you feel?   kiss-2.jpg

Please write back and tell me, if that kiss “defeats the purpose of following Christ.”

I wish you well,


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2 Responses to ““j””

  1. Thom Says:

    I always find it striking when people talk about “giving in to sexual/physical desires,” as if sexual desires are sinful. As if humans should not have such desires. As if sexuality were not a huge component of our humanity. As if our humanity is imperfect, and God screwed up.

  2. Steve Says:

    Always the clay complaining about the potter…

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