On the Steps of Main Hall

Posted by Censor Librorum on Sep 18, 2007 | Categories: Lesbian in a Catholic Sort of Way

All day I have thinking of my friends from school – I’m sure some of them must be thinking of me.

There’s Sue – so much fun. The last time I saw her was when she came to Alaska with her boyfriend. Sue, the BF, my husband and I all went on a memorable camping trip to Admiralty Island.

Kathy, Patty, good friends, both of them – we had a lot of fun times together-the ski trip to Vermont, pillow surfing on the ultra waxed floors on 4th North, parties and dancing over at Georgetown.

Dianne – the best voice in the group. Sang with “the Belles.”

Maureen, my roommate – I scared her half to death one night starting to sleep walk when she was reading “The Exorcist”!

My best friend, Terry – No matter how long we’ve been apart we can start talking like one of us just left the room for a moment and returned.

Shari, from Persia – Plenty of us could taken a lesson in class and graciousness from her. Shari surprised me with a gift of Madame Rochas from one of her trips to Paris. I have the bottle still.

Mary Beth – curly black hair and pretty dimples. She fell in love with one of Golda Meir’s bodyguards. I remember he was short and built like a brick building, and soft-spoken and gentle the way many strong men are. He had beautiful blue eyes. They were all set to marry after school, but Mary Beth couldn’t leave her family, and her mother didn’t want to live in Israel. We thought but never said – too bad, her mother should have let her go or gone with her.

I miss them.

(Hint: I’m in the front row on the right.)

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